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Dementia Friendly Program

Working to Make Dane County "Dementia Friendly"

Building a dementia-friendly community takes time, dedication, and the commitment of every person, business, and organization. What is a dementia-friendly community? It is a place where individuals with dementia:

  • Are able to live good and comfortable lives.
  • Have the ability to live as independently as possible.
  • Continue to be a functional part of their communities.
  • Are met with patience and understanding.
  • Are given support where necessary.

The Dementia Care Specialist works with communities in Dane County to raise awareness about people with dementia and their needs. Libraries, city services, businesses, churches, and other organizations form coalitions to address the issues and learn better ways to serve those with dementia and their families. Improved communication helps increase compassion and promote involvement in the program. To find out about initiatives in your community contact us.

Looking for Dementia Friendly Community Champions

We're looking for volunteers interested in helping to create Dementia Friendly (DF) Communities within Dane County. A DF Community is one where those living with dementia are understood, respected, and supported so that they can live a higher quality life by staying engaged with other community members, local businesses, and resources.

Reach out to the Dementia Care Specialist at the ADRC 608-240-7400 to get involved in their local Dementia Friendly community.

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