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Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dane County

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do ADRC services cost?

ADRC services are free. The information and assistance provided to you is at no cost. The services you are referred to may charge a fee.

No, you do not have to give your name to the ADRC when you call. If you do give us your name, the ADRC may call you back to make sure the information we gave you fit your need.

No, you can call the ADRC or request the ADRC staff come to your home for a home visit. The staff will also meet you at a location that you choose.

That is up to you: ADRC staff will come to your home, speak to you over the phone, meet with you in a private office in the ADRC or meet you at a location that you choose.

Yes, the ADRC is located in the North Towne Center, which is on a bus line (served by bus routes 21 and 22 during normal business hours). The ADRC is in the Madison Metro+Plus service area for individuals who are eligible for Metro+Plus services.

You will be connected directly with one of the expert staff at the ADRC. The ADRC is ready to answer your call, and has people on phones during our hours of operation, from 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM.

We are here to provide information and assistance. We will help you connect with resources. Although we do not provide ongoing case management, we will work with you for up to 90 days at a time. You may call back about other issues.

Just once! The person who answers the phone when you call will be the same person who follows up with you.

Call us at (608) 240-7400 and talk with one of our on-call experts who can offer you free and unbiased advice. We can help sort through your concerns, identify the problems, link you with services, and possible solutions for you and your mother.

The ADRC will help match you with resources and services that are reliable and trustworthy, at costs that are based upon your ability to pay.

You may start by contacting the Social Security Administration or by calling the ADRC and getting assistance with the application process based upon your need for help.

There are case managers located in 15 agencies throughout Dane County that can assist individuals age 60 and older with determining their options for prescription drug coverage, including Medicare Part D and SeniorCare. If you are unsure which agency serves your area, call the ADRC, and staff can assist you. You may also choose to contact the Part D and Prescription Drug Helpline, a service through the State of Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long-Term Care. The Helpline has insurance counselors available to assist you. They can be reached at 1-855-67PARTD (855) 677-2783.

Rest assured that you are not alone. The ADRC can assess your situation, offer suggestions for assistance, and connect you with other caregiver resources that are available in your area.

Call the ADRC to learn more about meal programs in your area which can help out until you're back on your feet.