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Support for Individuals with Dementia

Cognitive Screens

The Dementia Care Specialist and ADRC Information & Assistance Specialists are qualified to provide cognitive screens. We can come to your home or meet somewhere comfortable for you and your family. We can answer your questions and connect you to resources.

Memory Caf├ęs

A memory café is a meeting place for anyone who is experiencing beginning changes in memory. It can be a fun way to connect with others who are dealing with the same issues. The intent is for both the person and their family or friends to come together in a relaxed and social environment to connect with one another. Each memory café is unique as the participants are encouraged to make it their own. 

Memory Cafés are a safe environment for people experiencing memory loss and their care partners. Cafés provide a comfortable opportunity to connect, socialize, and build new support networks in a welcome and supportive environment. Cafés offer interesting and engaging programs to improve brain health. At a memory café gathering, people do not need to worry about the social stigma that is often associated with dementia. Each café is unique and offers different activities and socialization opportunities. Cafés are free to attend and welcome to all.

Memory cafés are an important component of the vision of creating dementia-friendly communities throughout Wisconsin where people living with dementia and cognitive impairment can continue to find meaning and purpose in their daily lives despite experiencing memory loss and other cognitive challenges. The goal is for individuals with dementia to live well in communities that offer understanding and various forms of support for them and their care partners.

Caregiver Memory Kits

Memory Kits are totes filled with themed items for caregivers of people living with dementia to create special moments, engage the brain, and help unlock memories.

Some examples include:

  • Nature: CD, scent containers, book of photos, DVD, rocks, pine cones & shells
  • Rural Life: CD, scent containers, books, DVD, pictures, coloring pages & markers
  • Meditation: DVDs, meditation chime, expanding ball & glitter wand
  • Hands-on Fun: kaleidoscope, yoyo, slinky, pin sculpture, puzzle, pens & coloring pages

Kits are available at: Monona Library, Sun Prairie Colonial Club, Mt. Horeb Library, Cottage Grove Memory Café, Verona Senior Center, Waunakee Senior Center.