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Aging and Disability Resource Center of Dane County
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Eligibility Criteria
  • The earliest a person can be referred to the Aging and Disability Resource Center for Options Counseling and/or to be screened for adult Long-Term Care services is at age 17 ½. Referrals are usually made by High Schools, Children’s Services Case Managers, parents, or directly from the person requesting services.
  • The person needs to be a resident of Dane County. This means being physically present in Dane County with an intent to remain living in Dane County.
  • The person needs to have a documented physical and/or developmental disability. Examples of developmental disabilities may include: Intellectual Disability (this does not include learning disabilities, ADHD, or mental illnesses), Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism, Brain Injury, Prader-Willi Syndrome or Other neurological conditions “closely related to an Intellectual Disability or requiring treatment similar to that required for people with Intellectual Disabilities”.
  • The person’s disability needs to have a substantial negative impact on their level of functioning. This is determined by an assessment called the Long-Term Care Functional Screen.
  • In addition to having enough care needs to qualify for services, a person also needs to be financially eligible for Medicaid to be able to enroll in a Long-Term Care program.
Referral Process
  • Download, complete and submit the “Request for Services” form. If you need assistance to complete this form, or would prefer a paper copy of the form, please contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center – High School Transition Helpline at (608) 240-7476 or email
  • After the Aging and Disability Resource Center receives the “Request for Services” information, our staff will work to obtain documentation of the person’s disability. After this process is complete, an in-person meeting will be scheduled to gather information for the Long-Term Care Functional Screen.
  • After the functional screen is completed, the person and/or the guardian will be notified of the eligibility decision and related support options.