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Newsletter: Read the Spring Edition of Resource Wise.

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month:

March is national Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month and The ADRC of Dane County invites you to join us to help raise awareness about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

President Ronald Reagan declared March to be Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in 1987, urging “all Americans to join me in according to our fellow citizens with such disabilities both encouragement and the opportunities they need to lead productive lives and to achieve their full potential.”

Now 28 years later, The ADRC of Dane County joins the effort to promote awareness of the strengths and achievements of Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). All around us as people with autism, cerebral palsy and other disabilities blaze new trails. Today, people with I/DD are living and working in the community; pursuing higher education; developing their faith; falling in love and getting married; and making their voices heard in all aspects of life.

As people with I/DD across the nation become increasingly visible in our daily lives, we strive to build more welcoming communities through education and outreach. We hope you will join us this month as we celebrate the lives of people with I/DD.

Developmental disabilities awareness starts now.

We join the entire disability community in celebrating the accomplishments of the 4.6 million Americans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD).

During March, we ask you to join us as we work together toward creating a world where all people with disabilities, including individuals with I/DD, have equal opportunity to live independently and free from poverty, make their own decisions and improve their economic future.


The ADRC of Dane County provides information about resources and support on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability and is a one-stop shop for older adults, people with disabilities and their families. ADRC staff are unbiased and knowledgeable professionals who listen to your concerns, help clarify your options and direct you to appropriate resources. The ADRC is also the access point for information about long-term care options and applying for public benefits. Services provided by the ADRC are free and available to all Dane County residents regardless of income or assets.

ADRC staff are available weekdays from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by calling 608-240-7400. Individuals can also send email inquiries to adrc@countyofdane.com, drop by our office on North Sherman Avenue or visit us at www.daneadrc.org. Home visits are available upon request.